How To Be Successful In Escape Room Games Challenge

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Are you thinking about trying out an escape room? Well, you should come prepared so you can maximize your experience with your friends. If you are trying to find an economical way to have fun, this could be a good fit for you. Ever wonder what the price range is for an escape room? No need to worry! You can look up “escape rooms prices near me” online and it should give you a reasonable price range of escape rooms within your location.

Nevertheless, if you want to win escape room games, here are some useful tips you should consider.

1. Choose the best companions for the game.

You can attend the escape room with your friends or family, but you need to make sure that you can work well together to solve the puzzles in the escape room. Make sure everyone in the group has their own specialties to help you solve the games effortlessly.

2. Wear non-restrictive and comfortable clothing to the escape room.

You might be forced to look for clues in the weirdest spaces, so you need to be flexible. Whether you’re going into a crawl space or climbing ladders, wearing restrictive clothes will keep you from winning the game.

3. Did you know that participating in an escape room will burn a lot of calories?

Well, you need to come prepared for that. Make sure you eat beforehand and drink a lot of water to remain hydrated through the whole process. Your mind will be sharp, and you can power through the process with a full stomach.

4. Once you get into the escape room, you need to start by scanning the room thoroughly.

Look through everything in the room including wall markings, objects, shelves and much more. The first puzzle will be unique, so you need to have a clear mental image of the room to know where to start.

5. If you find any clues or objects, make sure you keep them organized.

The principle behind an escape room is to keep you confused. Therefore, you will find a lot of useful objects or clues while the rest will be useful. Whatever you find, make sure you keep it organized so when it comes time to solve the clue, you have an idea of where to start.

6. Make sure one of the team members keeps track of time.

Some escape rooms prohibit you from using your phones unless there’s an emergency. In some groups, one of the team members should bring a stopwatch to help you solve puzzles within the time limit.

7. Once your team is in the escape room, you need to find the best ways to communicate effectively.

It’s quite common to become frustrated and pressured specially if you are short on time. If you’re going to win the game, you need to work as a team. If your powers of deduction are lacking, you can allow your team member to step in and solve the puzzle effortlessly.

8. Your clues might be too obvious such that they are staring you right in the face.

Therefore, if you walk into the escape room looking for something tough, you will fail miserably. One rule of an escape room is that even the little things matter. So, you shouldn’t ignore anything just because it seems trivial. Of course, not everything is a clue so consider your timing.

You can try and use these tips to win your next escape room adventure! Good Luck!