Dec 27

Tips From A Uniform Rental Company: The Disadvantages Of Not Having Employee Uniforms

A big part of running a successful business is making the right choices according to the situation. Now, there are many different business dynamics, and not all of them require employees to wear uniforms.

In fact, there are cases where uniforms just won’t make sense. But for the most part, if you are running a business where employees work with customers and clients, it’s usually recommended to have them.¬†You can consult a company that offers different types of workwear such as restaurant, hotel or industrial uniforms depending on what your business is about.

But what are the disadvantages of not having employee uniforms? And are they so critical that they can influence the success of the business? Well, it’s with good reason that they are mandatory for bigger companies, and to give you some idea of how critical they are, here are some examples of the disadvantages.

A Lack Of Customer Service

When someone walks into a big retail store for the first time, and they can’t find a specific item, they are naturally going to look for an employee to show them the way. But how exactly do you see an employee in a busy store if they don’t wear one?

It also means you might have to take some time to figure if a shopper works there or not because there is not an indication for that. Ultimately, customers get confused and frustrated, and they don’t come back.

Now, make this concept a little bigger. Take the other elements into consideration as well, such as communication problems between personnel. Every time new people are hired, they have to get to know the rest of the staff. And this process is going to take so much longer because just like the clients, they can’t always make the distinction between clients and personnel.

It Doesn’t Look Professional

Whether you want to believe it or not, uniforms are associated with professionalism. For example, if you call a well-known company to paint your house, you expect them to show up with overalls that show which company they work for.

But even for a small business with remote services, it is always recommended to issue them to their employees. In fact, it’s especially important if you don’t want to get caught up in the next disadvantage.

You Miss Out On Business

If you are sending out professionals to work at residential and commercial properties, other people are going to see them. Now, if they don’t wear uniforms, nobody in the surrounding area is going to take notice.

But if they are wearing distinct workwear that states the name of the company, you just might get a few calls from more interested clients. This means that uniforms can serve as a way of marketing your business.

As mentioned earlier, there are some cases where this idea might seem useless. But for every other situation, you solve a lot of problems just by giving it a try. Just remember, you want the people who wear the uniform to feel good about themselves. Otherwise, they are not going to send out a positive image. If possible, make the uniforms worth the wear.

Dec 20

Hello one and all

Good day everyone! Are you ever wondering how you can stay simple but also take out the fashion-ISTA in you at WORK?! Well, you are in the right place! This time, we are bringing way more to table in upgrading your work look to something better than old school pants and dress shirt.

Check out our latest posts for more info! and yes, it is possible to do this AS simple as possible!